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Frequently Asked Questions


Any and all text.

As long as a product has a personalisation box, you can customise it. There are no robots here. The very real human (Hi, I'm Tavie) who reads it can discern between a name, an address, and a design note.

Fancy a book stamp design for an address stamp? No problem! Let me know. Want to use an address label for your wedding favours? Sweet! I got you, fam.

Oh-ho YES, we'll make it fit. Through clever re-sizing and playing with kearning (the space between letters), we WILL make it fit and you won't even remeber how the original was meant to look.

If you have a particularly perplexing problem, we'll email you before production to make sure you're happy with the final product.

If you've requested a proof, please allow 1 work day (Monday-Friday) for it to land in your inbox. If 1 work day has come and gone, please check your spam box. We're quite paranoid about deadlines, so it's probably just in the wrong folder.

The email will have a link that says Click to Review. It will send you to, where you can select approve or reject. If you reject it, please leave a note about the changes you would like to make and we'll send you another proof until it looks just right.

In short, yes.

However, please be as descriptive as possible when requesting the change or tell us your preferred font's name.

We are unable to send multiple proofs with different options. If you ask to see multiple options, we will send you an email asking for greater detail, delaying production.

In short, no. However, please email beforemaking the purchase to equire about artwork changes.

At the moment, we're not doing any custom orders. This is something we're exploring, so stay tuned.

Shipping & Returns

Purchases made before 11 AM (GMT) on a work day will post the same afternoon.

If you requested a proof and approved it before 11 AM on a work day, it will post the same afternoon.

All UK orders are sent via Royal Mail 24. ALLLLLL of them. Even if you qualify for free shipping, it will still be sent via Royal Mail 24.

Stamps & Labels are posted separately.Please dont' be alarmed if one arrives before the other.

Ah nuts. Sometimes, stuff gets lost in the mail and it's very frustrating for everyone when this happens.

Please email if you are in the UK and it has been more than 10 working days (Monday-Friday, non-bank holidays). After 10 working days, we will send a replacement.

For international orders, we're not allowed to open a case with the Royal Mail until 32 working days have passed. After 32 working days, we will either refund your order or send a replacement.

It happens from time to time, and we're very sorry if it happens to you.

If it's our fault, please email with a photo of the mistake and we'll send you a replacement, free of charge.

We don't faff around with returns or exhanges because 1) most products are customised and can't be repurposed and 2) the carbon footprint of sending the usable bits back to us far outweigh the cost savings.


There are three methods:

1) Go to your past order page (the order's email confirmation would have a link) and click "Buy this Again."

2) If you have an account with us, log-in and reorder through via the "Order History" section.

3) Include the past order number in the "Notes" section at checkout. We'l work it out from there.


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