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About Us

I named this shop Sweet Backflip because I asked my partner, "What's a funny word?" He said, "Back...flip?" So, here we are. My name is Tavie (pronounced like Davey Crockett but with a T / rhymes with gravy), and I run Sweet Backflip from my dining room table (sometimes my couch).

I started working in graphic design because my partner owned backpacker hostel in Cambodia and I figured I could design the t-shirts and event posters myself. Now, I'll admit, those first posters were very, very, very bad. I mean, like, BAD. But they got better. And my friends started asking me to make their posters and menus and stationery and logos. THEN, strangers started paying me to design things and OH my goodness is this, like, my job now? You guys...This is my JOB now.

My family and I moved to Cambridgeshire in 2019 and I started paying attention my dormant Etsy shop with a nonsensical name while looking for a full-time job. Then, I didn't have enough time to look for a full-time job because my Etsy shop wasn't dormant anymore, but it still has a nonsensical name.

So, yeah. Hi! And thanks for stopping by!